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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)


Immanuel, YEF to Hold Joint Retreat in August

Immanuel Community Church and Youth Evangelical Fellowship NYC chapter will hold a joint retreat on August 5th, Saturday, to gather students and prepare them for the coming Summer retreat

Dr. Paul de Vries Encourages Immanuel Members to Seek Daily, Sufficient Grace from the Lord

"Grace is perhaps the most comprehensive and multifaceted gift that the LORD has ever given," said Dr. Paul de Vries on July 9th Sunday sermon, reading passages from 2 Corinthians, he exhorted Immanuel Church members to live in the daily sufficient

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Immanuel, YEF Joint Retreat

What is freedom? Can we be set free from the bondage of sin, hatred, unforgiving heart? On August 5th, Immanuel Community Church and Youth Evangelical Fellowship will hold a joint, one-day to discover the true meaning of freedom


Opening Ceremony for Teen Dance Class!

A fun night of games, food, and a dance performance where we will introduce our weekly dance class program for teens (ages 10-19)

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Pentecost Retreat Produces Abundant Testimonies

Following the gracious Pentecost Retreat that ended on June 4, participants shared their testimonies at the end of the prayer meeting.Their testimonies reflected the messages they received and the deep realization that came to them during the prayer time

Northeast 2017 Easter Retreat Full of God's Blessings and Grace

Following the Easter Sunday message, there was a time of testimony in Northeast 2017 Easter retreat. In total, 17 people gave their testimonies, revealing the blessings and grace of God poured out on the retreat. Most of all, the attendees were deeply touched in coming to know the true meaning of the cross and the resurrection through the retreat time

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