Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)



At Immanuel Community Church we are fully committing to fulfilling the great commission that the Lord Jesus Christ appointed His children to follow. As true disciples of Christ, we not only listen to the Word of God, but we also follow the footsteps of Christ in feeding the lost sheep and dying so that many other may live in Christ. Therefore, we wish to spread the good news of the Gospel to every city, neighborhood, and street.

Immanuel Community Church is continually growing and preparing to set up multiple sites per city. Currently, we are covering four major cities in metropolitan New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. We have also set up several churches along the Northeastern coast including Jersey City, Boston, New Haven, and Philadelphia. We believe that in order to share the joy of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, we must consider the most strategic method in reaching hundreds and thousands of people. Church planting allows our congregation to put the Word into practice and reach the masses with the message of the Gospel. In this way, we can truly heal the wounded, influence lives, and change the world with the knowledge of Christ.

Although the United States of America finds its roots in our Christian forefathers, millions of Americans admit to never or rarely attending church. Immanuel Community Church opens up a place for every person who feels they are wandering in life without direction. It is our hope that our church planting initiatives can open up a path for all those struggling in life no matter where they live. The Word of God gives us true life and a sense of satisfaction we could never find in the secular world. Through our gender-based, age-based, and interest-based ministries there is a place where God can use every person in investing their talents and life for the Kingdom of God. We are committed to sharing fellowship, sharing life, and sharing the joy of the Lord through our Christ-centered churches no matter the location.

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