Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

YEF and Immanuel Holds Joint Retreat "Seek first the Kingdom of God"

NYU retreat

YEF NYC chapter and NYC Immanuel Church hold a joint retreat on Feb. 24 Saturday at NYU Campus. The retreat themed "Seek First His Kingdom", drew in total 7 attendees and ended in having the seed of the Kingdom of God planted among them.

Lectures on Creation, Sin. Salvation through Jesus Christ and Kingdom of God were delivered. One student, Nate, shared in his reflection about God's Love. "The fact that God is love completes everything." The participants were highly encouraged to focus more on the word of God and They were thankful to have the retreat.

Please pray that the seed of the Kingdom of God planted in the students can continue to grow and bear fruit!



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