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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

Immanuel Church Remembers Calling of the Lord in First Service of September

Immanuel Church

On the first Sunday service of September, Immanuel Church meditated on calling of the Lord towards the first disciples recorded in Matthew 4:8-22. "Leaving their net, boat and father behind is to enter greater world, receive blessing from the Lord," encouraged the preacher all members to model after the first disciples's immediate response to be true disciples of the Lord this time.

Embracing the month of September with excitement, Immanuel Church held the Sunday service to God on September 3 in the Bronx location. Through reading the passage in Matthew 4, recording of Jesus' calling of the first disciples, members reflected on their calling received and knew deeper the meaning behind.
Pastor Isaac Huang encouraged the listeners to model after first disciples, who immediately left their old life behind. "God called us to restore the right relationship with him so we can truly form the beautiful relationship with others even our parents, beloved ones. Knowing deeper the meaning of calling enables us to not just look at the things we left behind but onto the promising future in God's Kingdom."

"Let's sincerely follow the path of the Lord, the cross, and enter the beautiful world flowing with truth and love," exhorted the minister. After the cervice, all Church members prayed together for the Church property closing this month. May God bring Immanuel Church to inherit this beautiful Church in the Bronx and write new history in the city. 

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