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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

Dr. Paul de Vries Encourages Immanuel Members to Seek Daily, Sufficient Grace from the Lord

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"Grace is perhaps the most comprehensive and multifaceted gift that the LORD has ever given," said Dr. Paul de Vries on July 9th Sunday sermon, reading passages from 2 Corinthians, he exhorted Immanuel Church members to live in the daily sufficient grace of the Lord.

"In one short book, II Corinthians, the Apostle Paul uses the word "grace," χάρις, "charis," 18 different times, and these uses naturally exemplify seven types of grace that are worth intentionally cultivating more and more in each of our  lives," said Dr Paul de Vries as he explained to Immanuel members the seven types of grace we can receive each day:

1.  Sunday, the greeting grace. Grace is an essential element of a deeply meaningful greeting - both "coming" and "going." (1:2; 13:14).

2. Monday, the saving grace. Grace is the essence of the Saving Gospel we receive and share with other people, who will then add their thanks to God for salvation (4:15; 8:9).

3. Tuesday, the gratitude Grace. Grace is our expression of gratitude to our LORD, who is also our amazing Creator and Redeemer (2:14; 6:16; 9:15).

4. Wednesday, the guidance grace. Grace is the source and substance of the LORD's guidance for focused, fruitful, wise living (1:12; 6:1).

5. Thursday, the Supply Grace. Grace is the LORD's way of pouring into us a sufficient supply of all we need - individually and as a community (8:1; 9:14).

6. Friday, the giving Grace. Grace an intentional benefit we can give one another, a gift that also honors the LORD himself (1:15; 8:4,6,7,19).

7. Saturday, the empowering grace. Grace is the abundant empowerment God gives for each of us to do "every good deed," including patiently enduring major physical challenges (9:8; 12:9).

"Let us not depart from the Lord's grace daily as Apostle Paul did who confessed his weakness and the sufficient grace and power of the Lord made perfect in him," concluded Dr. de Vries. 

Immanuel members not only benefited from the message about grace but also from the Q8A time after service, in which Dr. de Vries gave answers to members' question ranging from apologetics to the proper way of interpreting the Bible. May God bless Immanuel Church with abundant grace this second half year so it can reach and comfort many lost souls in the city. 



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