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Immanuel Church Cultivates Teen Mission in the Bronx with OTM

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Immanuel Church is grateful for Olivet Teen Misson ministers coming once a week to help reach out to the teens in the Bronx. Church and OTM are now united with one heart to hold the first-ever opening ceremony for teen dance class!

"Teens are really in suffering," shared the OTM minister once to Immanuel members during Friday prayer meeting, "Even they do things harmful to themselves just to feel their existence." Walking around in the Bronx neighborhoods Immanuel ministers also see the great need of teen mission here and pray for the parntership with OTM to bring change to the neighborhoods.

"As the outreach program develops, we aim to have the Youth Service on Saturday evening, so the attendees can be connected to Church and other Church programs," shared Immanuel ministers. 

The opening ceremony for teen dance class will be held on July 1, Saturday. With a fun night of games, food, and a dance performance where OTM will introduce the weekly dance class program for teens (ages 10-19). Please pray that the door of gospel can be further opened through the teens program!



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